HELLO EVERYBODY! Over 25 people came to our WINE AND CHEESE PARTY last Saturday.

We had 13 bottles of wine from a wide variety of countries as well as several types of cheese. The German wine was the most popular.

As mentioned before, we had a special guest join our party. Hiro has been involved in the field of astronomy for several years. He gave a rather aggressive presentation on space travel and brought a special piece of space history. A REAL SPACE SUIT!

The space suit was used by Edward Lu, a Chinese-American for the 7th mission to ISS (International Space Station) in 2003. Edward has been in space three times.

Thank you to everyone who joined the party. We are very lucky that Chris did not sing at karaoke!

Details for our next party will be posted soon!


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Hi! Genkidesuka?
To my regret, I was not able to attend the wine party even though I love wine very much.
Moreover I missed a chance to see a genuine suit of the astronaut!

However, my absence was very good for the guests of the party caz they must have been able to share enough wine.

I'm looking forward to see everyone at the next party that must be more exciting.

see you soonish! Squid woman