Common errors in English

Can you spot the mistakes in these sentences?

1. If I’ll study idioms more, I think it’ll help me to become more accustomed to natural English.


2. a) How was summer holiday?

b) Wonderful! We had gone to Egypt. We could enjoy it so much.


3. I finished to read the novel which I recently bought.


4. Does Keiko come to the party next Friday?

b) No, she doesn’t come. She’s too busy.


5. I’m going to hear the conversation between Sarah and John everyday!



A.B.A. Open for classes!

Hello - this is to advise that A.B.A. is open for classes! Let's continue to wear a mask as preventative measures.  Looking forward to hearing from you. Christopher


What is the reason to study English?

What is the reason for one to study English? We all have different reasons for learning a language. Business, travelling, watching movies, communication in general, listening to music are a few common situations. Once we identify the reason, we can then pursue (follow) our objective (target). How do we reach our target? By making maximum effort on a daily basis (everyday). Some people say I don't have time to study everyday, but the key is to make it part of your regular daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. When we make learning part of our daily life, we will see results as we move towards our target. 


Positive mindset! 前向きな考え方

The past few months have seen dramatic changes in the way we live our daily lives, but through these challenging times, we must continue to pursue our goals and we can do this by keeping a positive mindset - a mindset is a way of thinking about things. 


At A.B.A. Language School, I will help you improve your English skills. In particular, I will help you understand natural English which is often very difficult for learners because they are not accustomed to it. We will practise listening and speaking and various techniques  in order to understand native English. 

A.B.A. 語学学校、あなたの英語力の上達をお手伝いします。 特に、慣れていない方にとって自然に英語を理解するのはとても難しいですが、私はそれをお手伝いします。 ネイティブの英語を理解するために、リスニング、スピーキング、さまざまなテクニックを練習します。

I'm offering 4 extra lessons a month for only 1000Yen. So students can study 2hrs week at a very reasoable cost. I'm also offering Skype lessons for those who prefer online lessons. 


My school is suited to adults, mainly private and small groups of up to 3 people, so if you're looking for a small and friendly environment to learn, I welcome you to learn with me.



10th Year anniversary!

Thank you to everyone for attending A.B.A. Language School's 10th anniversary. I hope you enjoyed the evening. I really value your support and kindness. Let's see if there will be another 10 years! All the best and please continue to work towards the goal of improving your English.